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Saguenay, 10th of September 2016 – The Saguenay Aboriginal Friendship Center (Le Centre d’amitié autochtone du Saguenay – CAAS) and their members would like to express their support for all the First Nations, their allies, all the Aboriginal organisations of Canada, the United States and of the world who are united at Standing Rock Sioux reservation in North Dakota and who oppose the Dakota access pipeline.

“We are in the 21st century, there are new sources of energy, and it is time to embrace this moment, whether you are First Nations, Quebecois, Canadian or American and to leave behind the old polluting fuels that destroy our lands and our water. The damage and inherent risks associated to the oil industry are well known by all of us and other options are not only available, but already in use. It is time to invest in the implementation and utilisation of renewable energy on a large scale with the same determination that many leaders put into the exploitation and use of oil and its derivatives at the end of the 19th century”, declared Ian Washish president of CAAS.

“It is important to understand that First Nations people are not against responsible economic development of our societies and that what we really want to see is that together we move towards this new era that has already begun, yet whom some seem to ignore. We also want to be part of a this transition period, where sustainable development is not only an option, but a common goal of our society and its need to respect the environment, our land and our drinkable water. We must unite together so that we can finally live in a time like this”, added M. Washish

Founded in 2010 following the mobilisation of aboriginals and others, the Saguenay Aboriginal Friendship Center’s mission is to provide a place of gathering for Aboriginal citizens living in Saguenay. The community center aims to contribute to the individual and collective well-being of its members as well as a place to share common values and aboriginal culture.


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David Sioui

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